Where you can buy cheap Funko POP!

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What is Funko POP!?

Funko figures are very original, they are characterized by large black eyes, also an asymmetrical large head, it is certainly a distinctive and recognizable sign of this brand. The toys are based on pop culture characters, we can currently find over 8,000 characters. We can find various figures there, sports stars, musicians, but also historical figures. Funko POP figures! we can buy in many stores if we are looking for cheap Funko POP! We can certainly find a large number of Funko vinyl figures. Everyone will find their favorite character from a movie, a computer game or the entire pop culture.

In the USA, we can buy them in the Walmart network, certainly Funko POP figures! they constitute a very large part of the sale of all toys or figures. Now they sold all over the world and in online stores we can buy cheap Funko POP !. We can order a whole series that is associated, for example, with a movie or a series. Of course, we can also find figures associated with holidays, we will certainly find many collectible figures that have a limited edition, are very sought after by Funko fans. Often they will have various types of stickers that describe where they could be purchased. For example, these types of figures are often sold at Comic Con.

Funko history

The history of Funko figures goes back to 1998 When the company called Wacky Wobblers was founded. The first product was the bobble head Big Boy, which began with the great history of my company which now produces the most popular vinyl figures in the world. Of course, it is worth noting that initially they were figures that differed slightly from those produced today. Designers were looking for interesting ideas, they wanted to create figures that would be recognizable, unambiguously associated with characters from movies, music and, of course, pop culture.

Fantastic Plastic

Funko released a series of Fantastic Plastic figures in 2005, these were vinyl figures featuring Wacky Racers, Duck Dodgers and Mad Monster Party. Of course, they differed from the previous Funko figures. It was quite a success for the company which then also introduced many interesting characters from the Spastik Plastik series.

Funko POP! born

In 2010, figures from the Funko POP series debuted! Originally the series of figures was called Funko Force 2.0. This year begins the crazy history of Funko vinyl figures, now they are certainly the most popular figures that are loved by collectors around the world.

Is Funko POP worth investing in?

Funko POP! they are very popular due to their high aesthetics and character mapping. Looking at any figurine, we can easily guess what movie or comic book universe a given character comes from. It is certainly worth noting that some people collect Funko POP figures! to gain in the future, they consider it a very good investment. Of course, in order to gain time, you should buy cheap Funko Funko POP!, It’s best to do it during the premiere, of course, the most popular are limited editions, sold for example, at Comic Con or other events related to comics, video games or general pop culture.

Of course, we can buy on platforms such as eBay, we can often buy very interesting figures also in limited versions. We expect the value of rare Funko POP figures! it will grow over time. Most POP! figures can be bought for around $ 10 or $ 15, so they are quite cheap, but collectors appreciate the version that has, for example, non-standard limited colors. We can often find, for example, a silver or gold figurine. The popularity of Funko POP figures! it also results from a very interesting packaging. They are delivered in boxes, on the box we can find a description of the characters, there is also numbering.

Funko POP! Exclusive

Often Funko POP! Exclusive is up to 1/6 of the entire mintage of a given figurine, therefore it is a bit rarer, so it is sought after by collectors. Sometimes in stores, we can also find offers for the sale of figures, there will be an Exclusive figurine, it is possible to obtain, but 1 out of 5 or 1 out of 6 sent from the store is a limited edition. Of course, our chances of getting a figurine of this type are small, but collectors often buy a few to get their dream limited-edition figurine. Most collectors buy figures that they associate with movies, TV series that they like. Of course, the availability of Funko POP figures! it is very large, we will certainly find characters from our favorite movies or series, additionally we will also find figures from computer games, books, sometimes they are also famous sportsmen.

Interestingly, many cheap Funko POP figures! seemingly cheap can take on value when, for example, a movie with characters has its premiere, for example, a figurine that costs about $ 10, its price does not change for a long time, after a year or two, it can already cost $ 50, when it turns out that a new part of superhero adventures has become popular, and cheap Funko POP! from a given series are a sought-after commodity around the world. Sometimes we can find very affordable cheap Funko POP! Sold in bulk, on such websites as eBay, Amazon, Facebook groups, we can often find very interesting offers for sale in many figures. Thanks to this, we can save on shipping costs, additionally we will also reduce the cost of purchasing a single cheap Funko POP !.

Should you take Funko Pops out of the box?

Many people wonder whether to take out their cheap Funko POP figures from the packaging, they certainly look better on the desk when we take out the boxes, but many people hope that the figures will gain in value over time, so they want to keep them in the best possible condition. So, in addition, it is worth noting that some people also care about the appearance of the box itself, this time there is a sticker on it referring to a limited series, therefore the original box also greatly affects the value of the cheap Funko POP! We can also purchase special protective boxes that will protect not only the figurine but also the entire boxes.

Funko POP in boxes

We can use transparent boxes, so a figurine in such a package looks great on our shelf. Many people hope that the figures will gain in value over time, so they want to keep them in the best possible condition. So, in addition, it is worth noting that some people also take special care of the box itself. Sometimes there is a sticker on it referring to a limited series, therefore the original box also greatly affects the price.

It is worth noting that cheap Funko POP! They lose a lot of value when we take them out of the box, on eBay or other sales platforms we can find figures without a box. They are certainly much less popular than the original product, correctly parked. Often children do not understand why parents collect toys, but do not play with them. Sometimes fan-pop is unavailable to children, parents put them on higher shelves to protect them from children’s hands.

Sometimes we want to change our collection a bit, diversify or collect cheap Funko POP figures from another Universe. Which is why some collectors decide to sell parts of the figures, certainly when we want to resell them. So it is worth having an original box which will of course increase their value.

Fake Funko Pops

Currently, we can see that there are many fake cheap Funko POP! They are often figures from China that we can buy, for example, on Aliexpress. It is worth noting that they are tempting with their price and are almost identical to the original vinyl. Interestingly, the boxes are practically indistinguishable, only when we put them next to the original box, then we will be able to recognize that it is a fake.

Often on YouTube, we can watch videos that show how counterfeit figures differ from the original ones. Sometimes they are also details related to the colors, shades of certain elements of the cheap Funko POP! It is worth noting that if we do not have the original figure and we buy a non-original figure. We may never find out that it is fake, especially because many fans of the series do not open the boxes at all. We should definitely buy figures from reliable sources, thanks to which we will can be sure that the Funko POP! Vinyl cheap figurine! is original, it is worth buying in stores such as, for example, Zavvi.

Funko POPs are different in detail, in the case of the Mandalorian The Child 378 figurine. You should pay attention to the bowl. The original figurine is characterized by a brown bowl with a filling, while in the case of fake figures the bowl is often black and empty. Certainly, we should pay attention to such details when you want to make sure that the Funko POP! It’s original.