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Today SmartWatch increasingly displace traditional watches have many different features, which are very practical. They use their people practicing sports, in addition to measuring time, SmartWatch can also measure our heart rate, or number of steps. At present SmartWatch have many interesting features, is naturally a basic watch, but we find there a stopwatch and pedometer. Model is a point of interest smartwatch LEMFO LF26, which is very popular among buyers. Smartwatch is a smart watch that can work with a phone can also replace multiple devices. It has an electronic display with variable shields and OS – Tizen, WatchOS, Android mobile phone Be dressed in and several other. Smartwatch connected smartphone displays the notification of incoming calls, e-mail, and news from social media. With it you can control the camera remotely in our phone, you can also find models of GPS modules, a big advantage is the possibility of calling. So you will not have to hold your phone while driving. By purchasing this type of device should pay attention to many different aspects. It is important to battery capacity, so the less we loaded our SmartWatch, you also need to pay attention to the resolution of the display. Many watches are water-resistant, can have a bracelet like the traditional watches steel, rubber or leather. Everyone should choose SmartWatch band that best suits. Well if we have to choose from a variety of shield, the advantage will also upload additional motives.

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1.3-inch full HD IPS color circle
24 hours of continuous detection of heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, oximetry, sleep tes
Time / clock display, step, calories, distance, sleeping, camera
Metal shell + Leather Band
Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality)
Call reminders, SMS reminder, qq reminder,Wechat and other APP reminder.
Sport mode:Walking,Running,Hiking,Swimming,Basketball
Alarm clock, Sedentary reminder,Find the bracelet
Remote control camera (shake shake to take pictures)

APP LANGUAGE:Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English,, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French,, Portuguese, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Persian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Swedish language, Thai