Getting Started with Couponing the EASY Way

Couponing can save you money, and doesn’t need to be difficult. Saving money with coupons used to mean HOURS of effort assembling circulars and matching them up with store flyers to maximize savings.Not any more.All you need is a computer and printer and about an hour a week to start saving 30-70% on your grocery bill.


1. Pick one store.While you can really save by shopping sales and deals at several stores, beginners should start with one store known for good deals in their area.

2. Find an online site that specializes in coupon match-ups for that store.There are many bloggers who put the time in each week to research sales and match them with both print and online coupons- these people have done the work for you already.They are completely free to use and can save you lots of time.

3.Save Sunday circulars and label them by date– this will enable you to find the print coupons referred to by the coupon match sites.

There’s no need to clip the coupons before you use them.

4. Check out printable coupon sites, like this one at Best Free Stuff Guide:

5.Stock up on items when they are on sale and you have a coupon – if there’s a limit of 6 to a customer and you have 10 coupons, you might stop by twice during the sale week.Only stock up on items that will be used before they expire, however.You’re not saving money if you throw things out before you use them.

6. After you’re comfortable with one store, add a second to your list – and find a match up site for that store as well.

7. Plan weekly menus around what you have in stock already to get the most of your savings, supplementing with fresh items as needed.



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What’s Behind the Plastic Bag Bans?

New-LA-Pop-Bag-Assortment1-optimized2-smallerAll across the country, cities and towns are making it illegal for stores to hand out plastic bags to customers when they make a purchase. That explains the recent phenomenon of reusable shopping bags. After all, if consumers want to get their goods home, they need something to carry them in. But a lot of people remain confused about why authorities are banning plastic bags especially since Americans have been using them for decades and have come to rely on the convenience.

The fact is, all of the recent evidence points to the fact that plastic shopping bags are horrible for the environment. Want specifics? Here’s a rundown on why reusable shopping bags are a necessary trend that can only have a positive impact on all of our lives.

Plastic Bag Use is Out of Control

According to the Earth Policy Institute, people across the world use more than 1 trillion plastic bags a year. In China alone, 3 billion plastic bags are used every single day. To break down those figures even more, that means that for every minute, 2 million plastic bags are used. The Environmental Protection Agency says that every year, 32 million tons of plastic waste is generated, which is 12.7 percent of all waste. And if you’re like the average American family, you take home 1,500 plastic bags a year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. And what happens to all of those bags? The Wall Street Journal claims that Americans throw them away. It’s estimated that we throw away 100 billion of those bags each year, which take 12 million barrels of oil to produce.

Where Do All the Plastic Bags Go?

So, we use a lot of bags, and those bags have to go somewhere, don’t they? Unfortunately, they do, and to make matters worse, CNN reports that only .5-3 percent of them are recycled. The rest of them end up in the ocean or landfills. Scientists believe that every square mile of ocean contains about 46,000 pieces of plastic. If the bags sink to the bottom of the ocean floor, the United Nations says they will never degrade. And if they stay on top of the water and degrade? That’s bad too, as the bags donÕt biodegrade, but rather photodegrade. That makes the degraded fragments smaller, which means they soak up toxins more easily and contaminate the soil and water, along with the animals that eat them.

It can take between 20 and 500 years for a bag to degrade, depending on its density and where it was discarded. And the EPA says that we’ve tripled the amount of plastic bags that we throw away since 1980, which means that in years to come, they will continue to pile up at an alarming rate.

So, What’s the Answer?

How can we keep plastic bags from further polluting our environment, and killing the marine animals that mistake them for food? You guessed it’s reusable shopping bags. Since the bans have been established across the country, manufacturers have stepped up and created some amazing bags that make them even more convenient to use. For example, one supplier of LA POP Bags offers small bags that can be carried in a pocket or purse, and resemble fruits and vegetables.

No matter how you look at it, times are changing, and even if your jurisdiction hasn’t yet passed a plastic bag ban, isn’t it time to do what you can to ensure that even more plastic bags don’t pollute our earth?


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Free Halloween Tote Bag

Halloween Candy Bag

It’s back for a limited time.  York Photo is once again offering a Free Tote Bag that you can personalize.  This would be great gift for your little one when you go trick or treating this Halloween.  Order as many as you’d like.  They’re Free!  Just use the code TRICKTREAT at checkout and it will take the $9.99 price off.

**Also with this offer you will receive 40 free prints when you order this bag.
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Cleaning Hardwood Floors is Now Easier for Families with Asthma and Allergies

File:9 Irving A 2014 hardwood floors living room and part of bedroom.JPGThe Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) announced today that Bona Free & Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner® has earned AAFA’s asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification. The certification program was created to help consumers identify products that are more suitable for people with asthma and allergies.

“Bona is proud to have the first hardwood floor cleaner to receive AAFA’s Certification,” said Bjorn Saalback, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Project Management, Bona US. “The floor is the largest surface in the home so it’s the perfect place to start when striving to create a healthier home. At Bona, we continue to innovate and deliver products that help make floors beautiful and healthy.”

Individuals living with asthma or allergies can be exposed to various biological and non-biological agents found indoors. Removal, avoidance and control of allergens in the home—such as pollen, contaminants from dust mites, cockroaches, rodents, pets and mold—is now generally accepted by health experts as an appropriate preventative strategy for people with asthma and allergic diseases to help create a healthy home environment.

The asthma & allergy friendly™ Certification process puts cleaning products through laboratory testing to ensure they can effectively reduce allergens from hard surfaces. Assessment for certification requires that cleaning products are evaluated based on their ability to reduce the level of allergens typically found in the home. AAFA’s Certification Mark is awarded only to those products that have been scientifically proven to meet the strict standards set by the program. An abstract of the Certification Standard for “Non-Disinfecting Hard Surface Cleaning Sprays” is available online at

“We are very excited about the scientific achievement that Bona has made with this hardwood floor cleaner,” says Mike Tringale, Senior Vice President of External Affairs at AAFA. “Families with asthma and allergies have a difficult time navigating manufacturer claims,” says Tringale, “now we’ve proven through testing that this new Certified floor cleaner is much more suitable for families that want to reduce indoor irritants without compromising quality floor care.”

In addition to using Certified cleaning products, other tips to help reduce allergens and irritants in the home include: banning smoking, candles and wood fires; using exhaust fans in the kitchen, bath, and laundry areas; vacuuming frequently; and, keeping solvents, glues, pesticides and other chemicals with strong odors out of the house.

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Green Spring Cleaning Tips to Save You Money

It’s that time of year again…everyone is busting out their cleaning supplies and partaking in the springtime spruce up. Rather than spending a bunch of time and money on materials and methods that harm the world around us, utilize these tips to be more environmentally-conscious and even improve your environment.

One simple suggestion is the tip that keeps on tipping — use vinegar. Vinegar is the primary green cleaning solution for multiple uses. Mix as few tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl of water, soak a dishrag, wring it out and go to town on any surface. The solution not only cleans off present dust, but also sticks around to help repel future dust.
Carpet cleaning
Use the same ingredients in a steam cleaner (a borrowed one, if you want to save money) to deep clean your rugs. Fill the compartment with equal parts water and vinegar, then use the cleaner as directed and rinse with plain water. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell, it disappears as the carpet dries.
Save money by purchasing borax at the supermarket instead of the multitude of commercial cleaners out there. Mix it with water and lemon juice and then start cleaning. But you’ll have to be more patient — because although it is more healthful, it doesn’t cut through the grit as quickly as typical cleaners with chemicals, but eventually the job is done just as well.
Don’t forget about ridding your refrigerator of those stinky old leftovers. While you’re at it, do the freezer, too. To avoid the freezer’s contents thawing out and going bad while you are cleaning, simply remember to plan ahead. Take an inventory of what’s in your freezer and list out a weekly menu utilizing the frozen food. Then clean out the fridge/freezer with the same solution you used to dust. Once your spring cleaning is done, go shopping for fresh food to refill your appliance.
Tapestries and bedding
Remove your curtains and strip the beds, then wash them on delicate with an eco-friendly, high-efficiency (or “honest”) detergent. Afterward, take advantage of that springtime weather and hang them outdoors to dry.
Air filters
Install a living air filter in the form of houseplants. Not only do they add decor to your home, they also efficiently clean the interior air. To properly clean your home’s air, the recommended number of plants is between 15-18 Spider plants, English ivy, rubber plants or peace lilies (in a 6-8-inch diameter container) for an 1,800-square-foot home. That might sound like a lot, but you can be creative with arrangements and also place more in rooms where you spend the most time.
Recycle clutter
If you have extra items that you no longer use, or clothes that don’t fit, for example, put them aside for a yard sale or box them up for Goodwill or the Salvation Army. You can also list things on Craigslist or other social media for sale or giveaway.
If you have clothing items that are a little more-than-gently used, turn them into rags for dusting. This is much more eco-friendly than wasting single-use paper towels for cleaning.
Remember that these tips apply any time of year, not just in the springtime. Use these suggestions and start living more closely to nature all year round.


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Car Care: Things You Shouldn’t Overlook

A little bit of attention to these seemingly minor tasks will save you money, enhance your safety and that of your passengers, and help ensure a long and satisfying ownership experience with your vehicle. Whether you service your vehicle yourself or enjoy the convenience of using your dealer’s factory-trained personnel, use this list to help you get started:

Read Your Owner’s Manual
Every vehicle has its own service schedule and individual nuances. All of those things and many more are covered in your owner’s manual. It’s important to know what all the lights mean, how the dials and buttons work, and how and when to take care of your vehicle and all its parts. Some people read their owner’s manuals from cover to cover as soon as they get a new vehicle while others pick and choose the chapters of greatest interest; whichever type of driver you are, be sure to ask a factory-trained technician if you ever have any questions.
Get Your Tires Rotated and Balanced, and Ask About a Wheel Alignment
Your vehicle is only as good as the rubber it’s riding on – even a supercar won’t get very far with a flat tire. Your tires don’t always wear evenly when you drive, even when your wheels are properly aligned, so getting your tires rotated and balanced is important to extend their life. Check your owner’s manual or ask your service technician how often it should be done on your particular vehicle. Making sure your tires/wheels are balanced is important as well, to ensure proper weight distribution and a comfortable ride. An alignment adjusts the angles of the wheels to factory specifications. After a long winter of potholes and rough driving, it’s important to be sure both your front and rear wheels are still in alignment. Dealers often offer seasonal alignment specials, so watch for coupons.
Check your Belts
Some of your vehicle’s moving parts may rely on belts to keep them going. If you hear any squeaking or high-pitched squealing when you start your vehicle, that might be a sign that it’s time to have your belts checked. Waiting too long can result in a broken belt and possibly wider damage. A serpentine belt, for example, normally drives things like the power steering, alternator and other items, so if it malfunctions, you’re going to have bigger problems. When you have your oil changed, check your belts for obvious cracks, chips or signs of dry rot, and have them replaced at the recommended intervals, even if they look ok.
Clean Your Headlamps
It may sound obvious, but even a thin coating of dust, mud, snow or salt film can severely impact your visibility, especially in poor weather. The durable polycarbonate plastic from which many headlamps are made can also become excessively chipped, scratched or cloudy over time, from both the elements and long-term UV exposure, and this can also reduce the amount of light you get from your headlamps. Keep them clean and inspect them regularly. If you notice a problem, ask your dealer’s service department for suggestions to correct the issue; they may also recommend something you can treat the plastic with to help protect it and extend its life.
Replace Your Filters
Many of today’s vehicles have monitors that prompt you when it’s time to change your oil, but there aren’t filter replacement reminders and items like filters don’t always come to mind, especially if you change your oil yourself. Failure to replace filters––such as fuel, air and oil filters––can cause damage, reduce fuel economy and increase emissions. The same goes for the cabin air filter that helps remove pollutants, allergens and noxious fumes from the air being drawn into your vehicle. Best of all, filters are normally not expensive to replace––in vehicles with complimentary factory maintenance, some filters may even be replaced for free––so be sure to have them checked regularly and replaced when needed.
With so many things already on your mind, getting your car serviced can be overlooked. Fortunately, there is some impressive technology out there that can help you ensure the work gets done. If you have a smartphone, there are some excellent apps available, ranging from basic to intricate, to help guide you. Road Trip, an app available for iPhones/iPads, tracks your maintenance schedule, fuel economy and other expenses. For android users, Car Maintenance Reminder is similar and can send reminders when a service due date approaches. Other apps include aCar and AutoCare, or you can search your favorite app store to find the right one for you. Many automobile manufacturers also offer automated service reminders via email and/or smartphone app.

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HOT CRYSTAL CLEAR CASE for your iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 plus caseGot an iPhone 6Plus? Or maybe looking to get one? Or perhaps your best friend or partner has just bought this expensive device? Well whatever your answer, if you own an iPhone 6Plus you’ve got to protect it the right way. I’ve had mine for just about 8 weeks now and just want to share how satisfied I am with the case I have been using to protect it. First of all we all know that the iPhone 6 plus is bigger in size, it’s just like an iphone 5S that’s been stretched out, isn’t it? So, for such a large phone you need larger protection. The bigger dimensions mean it’ll be harder for some to keep a secure grip on their new device. And there’s now more breakable glass on front than ever. You know what that means—if you want to protect your elegant new phone, you’d better grab a good protective case.

Case options are countless when you own an iPhone, but the best iphone6 plus Case I found is the one designed by FAVAM. Just have a look at it right here.  I love the fact that when this case is on my phone I can still see my device! It’s crystal clear, so light and elastic, yet so protective. Why would I go for a hard case? I tried one like that before and it just felt so bulky and heavy. The FAVAM Clear Case protects my smartphone from scratches and even oil, being resistant to bumps and grease. Just the perfect protection for my peace of mind. I am happy about my purchase as I know I can protect my device for a long, long time…. And above RIGHT NOW you find this amazing clear case for just $12.00, rather than $19.99! That’s not all! You even get a complimentary Screen Protector with it, does it get better that this? Wanna hear what some buyers have got to say about this clear case? Just read more here.

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Make peeling easy with the Cestari Kitchen Pro Peeler

vegetable peeler

Cestari Kitchen has provided a useful kitchen gadget in the
Pro Peeler which peels vegetables and fruits easily and quickly. This handy
device allows you to peel all types of foods such as potatoes, carrots, squash
and ginger as well as fruits such as pears and apples. It can also be used to
shave cheeses like parmesan as well as make chocolate shavings.

The peeler is of the straight variety which resembles a
knife with a fixed blade attached to it. The rubber grip is firm yet
comfortable and will not easily slip even when wet making your job a lot
easier. The unique design which has a covered slot is safe to use and will not
result in any cuts or injuries. It also has a reversible blade so you can peel
back to front with both left and right hands. The peeler is sharpened on the
inside edge of the slot so as to regulate how far into the fruit or vegetable
it cuts while being sharp enough to remove the top layer.

The peeler is both lightweight and durable meaning the
process of peeling does not have to be tiresome and you can be sure the blade
will last as long as you need it to. It also has a slightly sharpened point
which can be used to remove potato eyes or gouge out unwanted parts of food.
The blade of the Pro Peeler is made of ceramic which is harder than stainless
steel. An added advantage is that it will not react with acidic fruits and
vegetables leaving them brown. It is also rust and odor free and can be
cleaned using kitchen detergent. Ceramic blades are also known to remain sharp
for longer than other materials meaning the Pro Peeler will last longer than
other peelers.

Another advantage of the Pro Peeler is the one-piece design
which makes it easy to clean and has no edges in which bacteria can multiply.
Bacteria in the kitchen can be harmful and cause illnesses so kitchen utensils
need to be bacteria free before use and not become a breeding ground. Ceramic
blades are dense meaning very little dirt and germs can penetrate the surface
making the Pro Peeler germ free. Rinsing your pro cleaner in some warm water
will kill bacteria and leave the peeler ready for use.

The blade also adds to the appeal of the peeler with its
ergonomic angle which allows you to peel over bumps without any hassle. It guaranteed
not to cut too shallow or too deep thus not wasting food or time spent
repeating the process. The blade is positioned in such a way that peels will
not clog it but will easily drop off.

The Pro Peeler has a lifetime warranty and will be replaced
at your request with no explanations required.

A good peeler should glide off the skin of foods smoothly and
the handle should be stable. The Pro Peeler offers this and more with its
efficient and solid design.

Get your Pro Peeler from Amazon here:

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My Story About Sun Shades And Where I found The Answer!

CaptureI hated when I was in a rush to an important meeting and I couldn’t find a shaded spot on a hot day to park my vehicle, knowing that when I went back to my car it was going to be terribly hot, I could only use those ugly troublesome accordion looking sun shades that are bulky and inadequate. Or when I was with my family at the park on a sunny day, and I didn’t have an adequate shade to block the sun from entering my vehicle, only to find out the car seats were scorching hot from being left out in the sun all day leaving my children irritated and miserable. Another thing I noticed was my interior in my new car was beginning to fade and crack, I didn’t realize it was because of the stress from the UV rays that was causing this, and all along it could have been avoided if I used a quality sun shade.

I’m relieved I finally discovered a sun shade that really works and says exactly what it can do. I no longer come to a hot car that I can hardly get into because of the immense heat. I don’t feel the anxiety anymore when I’m a rush and cannot find a good shaded parking spot. Likewise when I’m with my family I don’t feel the need to worry about scorching car seats due to the fact that I know they’ll be cooler. Finally my interior is also beginning to be protected from the damaging effects of the UV rays, which is awesome.

Considering that I am a huge fan of Amazon (I like the fast shipping plus they have a really reassuring money-back guarantee that ensures you are always satisfied with your purchase), I thought I would give them a try with this and wow did it turn out to be a great decision. Not only was I able to get a quality car sun shade for a great rate, but exactly what actually impressed me was the amazing follow-up they had guaranteeing that I got my product and more importantly (to me anyhow) gave me tips on how utilize it with ease.

Possibly I have just had bad luck with purchases in the past, however I have really never been so impressed with a little purchase like this before and if you are in the market for a new sun shade then pick this one up today because If you can relate to me in any way I know you won’t be disappointed.

Shade-It is having a sale with a Limited Time Offer for this awesome sun shade, $8.95 if you use this code: shade100. Go here now to order

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6 Simple Ways to Bake a Perfect Cookie Every Time!

While we know our readers are looking for a great deal, from time to time we’ll feature tips and tricks on related topics– here’s an article on baking cookies that we’re sure you’ll love!

Few things can compare to delightful sensation of biting into a Perfect Cookie. The gooey insides decadently juxtaposed with the crunchy outer layer, with the right amount of moisture, flavor and sweetness. As perfect as the perfect cookie is, executing it properly depends on a multitude of factors that make you feel like you’re doing a science project, rather than baking a treat.


The perfect Cookie depends on the right combination of ingredients, execution and precision. Believe it or not, Baking is a science. It’s not as hard as you think. As long as you follow your recipe and pay attention, executing the perfect cookie is well within the realm of your ability.

Through plenty of research, practice and baker wisdom, here are the 6 most effective ways you can ensure that your cookie comes out perfect EVERY single time!


1 – Chill your dough: It seems simple enough, but sometimes you’re in a rush (or you just can’t wait). Have you ever tried to scoop cookie dough once it’s been chilled to a solid rocky mass of edible cement? It’s not for the faint of heart.

Instead, roll your cookies into the little balls of dough and then stick them in the fridge overnight. If you can’t possibly wait that long though, try sticking them in the freezer for an hour. It may seem unnecessary but do not be mistaken, chilled cookie dough can be your one way ticket to perfect-cookie-ville. -Can we pause for a second and imagine what it would be like to live in perfect-cookie-ville? Thanks. I think we both needed that-


Chilling your cookie dough helps it maintain it’s shape while baking in high temperatures. Your cookies won’t immediately start cooking, which will give the dough time to settle and heat more evenly. This also allows for the cookies to retain more moisture while baking and can help the bottom of your cookies from getting too crunchy, too fast! Chilling your batter also helps lock in the texture and consistency your dough achieves after being ‘freshly’ mixed. This is a great way to avoid watching your batter spoil after sitting too long.


2 – Room Temperature Butter and Eggs: Now this may seem contradictory. Why wait for the butter and eggs to reach room temperature if we’re going to chill the batter anyways? The reason is simple. Allowing these ingredients to reach the right temperature ensures that your batter mixes the way it should. When all of your ingredients mix at room temperature, you avoid clumps and allow for the batter to mix evenly and consistently.


When your butter is at room temperature, it helps emulsify and combine the wet and dry ingredients much more effectively. This gives your batter the perfect baking consistency. Allowing your eggs to reach room temperature as well helps your dough maintain the right amount of texture. We know you want to get baking, and who has time for butter to get soft?

But trust the wisdom of the baking gods: patience is a virtue!


3 – SLAM your cookies – literally: Take your dough and slam it onto your sanitized counter. Will this make you look ridiculous? Yes. Will people stare? Let them. You’ll have the last laugh when the experience the ecstasy of your perfect cookie.

Slamming your dough onto the counter actually helps the cookies settle into place so they bake evenly. Similar to the process of kneading dough, giving your cookies a quick smack before they hit the oven will do wonders. This was once just a secret that housewives shared with one another, but thanks to the magical beauty of the internet we have brought it to you!


4 – Add an extra pinch of salt: Just one extra pinch of salt can do wonders, especially if there’s chocolate in your cookie! One popular trick for amazing Chocolate Milk is adding a pinch of salt, to bring out the chocolate flavor. This trick was even showcased on an episode of ABC’s Modern Family when Julie Bowen’s character adds a pinch of salt to Sofia Vergara’s Chocolate Milk!


5 – Most effective method? Bake on Silicone: What’s the perfect medium to bake on? Silicone. Silicone has been known for enhancing the quality of anything that gets baked on it. Not only does it protect your cookies from the hot steel of a Baking Sheet or Baking Pan, but silicone also distributes heat evenly. Check out this quote we found of a review on Baking Buddy’s Amazon listing:


“Since the Baking Buddy only covered half of the pan, only half of the cookies were baked on the silicone surface. Something interesting happened when I took them out of the oven though! The cookies that weren’t baked on the Baking Buddy (same batter, oven temp, everything) came out DRIER than the other cookies. The baking was far less even and the bottoms were too crunchy….but the cookies Baked on the BAKING Buddy? Perfect! Evenly cooked, moist and crunchy on the inside. I’m blown away (that doesn’t happen easily). I’ve never seen any product do this before…”


On top of ensuring a perfect bake, Baking Mats are also notorious for having a non stick surface. This eliminates the need for Parchment Paper and Grease while also making the whole process of baking easier and mess free. If Baking is a struggle for you, or you’re just beginning, try finding a great Non Stick Silicone Baking Mat to bake your Cookies on. Baking Buddy is currently the only Baking Mat on the market that actually includes a Standard Cookie Recipe on the surface of the mat, among many other convenient pieces of information like measurements and metric conversions.
6 – Take advantage of the Cookie Chart: The funny thing about perfection? Everyone has a different version of it. How could anyone crack the code to the ‘Perfect Cookie’ when people like different types of cookie? Some like them gooey and thick, others like their cookie flat and crunchy. That’s where the beauty of the Cookie Chart comes in. The Cookie Chart is a graph that shows you how to modify your amount of an ingredient in your cookie recipe, based on the type of cookie you desire. It can be seen here, printed on Baking Buddy’s Non Stick Silicone Baking Mat. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of it, so that you can bake YOUR version of the perfect cookie!

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